Our Food Guide with Eating Plans

Diet is very key to the success of your healing journey. We have prepared a Complementary Food Guide with selected recommendations to eat while taking Emah Shae products.  It comes with a choice of daily Eating Plans based on what you want your body to achieve, and it builds on the recommendations of Doctor Sebi, with a few additional indigenous foods from around the world. It will be updated with new foods from to time as our research continues.

We have lost much original foods over the ages. The foods listed in our Food Guide will be the closest to the original available. Further, they will be electric and have chemical affinity with human genetics. If your favourite food is missing from the list, our research and results have proven that it may have no nutritional value and thus may be detrimental to your health. If it is on the list, we recommend it as good to eat. Through this approach, our tradition has been successful in facilitating healthful restoration in the body.

It may be important to mention that our Food Guide does not represent all the foods available

in the world which are good to eat. If you would like to know if a food found in your location can

be recommended while using Emah Shae products, please email support@emahshae.com. 


Always consult with your primary health care provider before changing your diet and

addressing your nutritional needs.

A free printed copy of our Food Guide is shipped with each new order, or you can sign up to

preview it via the button below.

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