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Our bio-mineral supplement products are based on a single and simple ancient African healing culture.  In recent times, it has become famous with the public figure, Master Herbalist Doctor Sebi, born Alfredo Bowman, who phrased it the African Bio-Mineral Balance. 


Our tradition focuses on the minerals the body is made from, and so we emphasize the need for minerals in the body... since these are what it is primarily made from. Further, it is the body which heals itself. In the words of Doctor Sebi, "it is not the herbs doing a fix-it; it is the body that is healing itself"... and not just Nature's herbs, we also encourage eating only the foods listed in our Complementary Food Guide while taking our products. These are a list of mineral-rich recommended foods typically readily available in varied locations around the world. They do not represent all the recommended foods in the world. If you are unsure about a food you have found in your location, contact Customer Support: we will try to help.

We totally agree with Hippocrates: "Nature itself is the best physician". And so, we encourage that while you are taking our products, breathe deeply into plenty of fresh air, drink around a gallon of natural spring water daily (no other types of water; no exceptions), soak into direct sunlight where possible, hang around loving positive people-energy, and do regular quiet-time visits in a wild forest nearest you.  

Our Collection

Our ingredients are selected for their particular mineral contribution to the body.  They are all natural indigenous plants, and have been carefully sourced from their native locations all over the world, including Europe.


Accordingly, all our product ingredients and formulas change per seasonal availability of herbs, as Nature provides. For this reason, Emah Shae has prepared many, many permutations of herbal formulas per product, and these are carefully monitored by her and her two sons, who run production.


Our products work together in unison to facilitate feeding the whole body; the body then prioritises how it heals itself with the requisite nutrition. Each body will always respond differently in its own way.  The nutrition process is slow, but Nature is sure.  Always consult with your primary health care provider before taking herbal nutrition. We recommend taking our products 60 minutes before any prescribed medication. 

Nature's original plants are complementary to all human species, and we are obliged to advise you to stop taking any product at the first sign of any adverse reaction. At the same time, as the body heals itself, there are several tell-tale detox symptoms which it may experience: read more here.

Why Our Products?


Several of our past clients report here  their successes in using Emah Shae products in their health journey


We have been doing this since 2011. Read more about our Herbalist here 


All our product ingredients and formulas change per seasonal availability of herbs, according as Nature provides


Our tonics are concentrated bitter formulas. Some are to be taken in a glass of natural spring water, or recommended pressed fruit juice of your choice. This encourages hydration and follows after the method of administering herbal tonics in the wild.


Personal herbal compounds using other native herbs not described on this website are available by consultation only after completing our Intake Form



If you are unsure which product to purchase, please complete our Intake Form for recommendations emailed over to you.


We offer payments by installments on all our bundles with a base price over $250. Contact us for details.


Herbs are free in nature, but not all of us have access to them readily.  To source them seasonally or get locals to hand-harvest them, ship them, address customs charges, packaging, staff handling, and to dispatch out to you, we arrive at our very affordable prices. 


We offer discounts to adult unemployed and disabled patients with verified status at our discretion. Contact us for details.

Our tonics are 300ml / 10.5oz, and our capsules are typically 330mg - 600mg.  Bundles last between 21 to 30 days, depending on the recommended dosage. Hover over each photo below for product information. Herbs listed are only some possible ingredients as the seasons permit; our ingredients and formulas are updated with new wild herbs from time to time.  If you have an allergic reaction to any ingredient listed, it is advised not to use that product at all.

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